Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Knowing yourself is key!

We are counting down to Valentine's day of 2012!!! Yeaaah!!! There are so many reasons why most relationships suffer or simply refuse to take flight and stagnate. I wanted to share a reason that became apparent to me in the last couple of years. Often times, our relationships suffer because we lack a true knowledge of who we are. Knowing ourselves is so much more than being able to know our names and what we like or dislike, it demands that we understand our core strengths and weaknesses and that we truly recognize and realize that in spite of the relationships that we foster in our lives, we are still fundamentally and primarily responsible for ourselves. 

A recognition of that makes us have less expectations from others, thereby ultimately increasing our tenacity and resilience modes in the event of a hurt, disappointment or betrayal from others. How well do you know yourself? That would help you tremendously in fostering much more healthy relationships.

Lovingly yours,


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