Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet my two new BEST Friends!

Ok, . . . , it’s been a while since I wrote a new article on the blog even though I still throw out some inspirants here and there. . .:-) How is everyone doing? I really have missed you . . J,  . . .yes I have, even though I have kept in touch with some of you on FB! I have been swamped with a lot of things especially in the past weeks; kids are on vacation and so I have to absolutely make out time for them to have as much fun as possible; and then there is work, and then, I am painstakingly working on the book, and finally, I am like you, busy playing the game of life.J. Sometimes that game gets all crazy and then it feels really crazy, doesn’t it? It does for me sometimes:-)

So I want to keep this really short and straight to the point. Have you ever felt like things are really way off course, probably someone whom you’ve trusted had betrayed you; or that life is coming at you so darn fast that you seem to be losing control? As long as you are still breathing and hopefully still have your good health, it might make sense for you to also make friends with my two best friends -  Ms. SIU, and Ms. KIM. These two ladies are exceptional in every way because they keep it real with me and also put a positive and optimistic spin to almost everything in my life! They are deeply spiritual too and are extremely passionate, persistent, intrepid, and beautiful. You absolutely need both ladies in your life at all times especially when things go wrong for you.  As a matter of fact, I have made it a point to go everywhere that I go, arm in arm with both ladies! It’s almost like a perpetual threesomeJ. Trust me, your partner or spouse will never object to it! I know they will in fact secretly encourage you to be friends with them as well. (You will understand why later on. . .).

Because I know that you are dying to be properly introduced to my two best friends, I’ll just go ahead with the formal introduction.  . . Wait!!. . . I will like to also tell you that I found out about KIM from a dear friend of mine on fb, Gina Candy Umunna.  Even though I have hear about Ms. Kim, I never realized the importance of the role she plays in the lives of anyone who cares to befriend her.  For instance, I have this wonderful idea stuck in my head for days and each day, I think about this idea and next day, I think more about this idea and savor the idea of  transforming this idea to reality! How wonderful and revolutionary that will be!!! Ms. KIM knowing that I am merely thinking and not doing anything else about executing my idea turns to me and says, “Ogor, enough already!!, you must  KIM it! “Keep It Moving” KIM it by taking the initial first step towards executing this really great idea. She does not want me to think any further and would just rather have me act on it. An unexecuted great idea is a colossal waste of time and resources. In fact, like my Bubu will say, “if you let a dream die, you have indeed lost a part of who you are”.  . . Ms. Kim is right yet again!  Do you see why I love my Ms. Kim. She keeps it real with me and constantly reminds me that “talk is cheap”. Just KIM it; Do It Ogor!!!!! KIM it my love!!!

As for Ms. SIU, the other day, I wanted to complain and vent about a seemingly difficult situation that I was navigating and Ms. Siu did not waste time in telling me, (now, imagine a tiny voice generously laced with sarcasm)  “. . .reaaally Ogor, you call that a problem?”  “That is not a problem. . ."SIU it my dear” “Suck it Up”! Until you’ve had to lose your good health or wake up under a bridge or abandoned car/building, or be unsure of your next meal, or suffered through a war or natural disaster, you have absolutely no problems and should be able to SIU any time you feel like complaining about nothing! I listened carefully to Ms. Siu and said a big THANK YOU! She is so right . . .:-)

I love these two absolutely gorgeous ladies to death! Something tells me that you would want them as your BFFs too. . . You know the best part, they are readily available for all of us at all times, if only we want them for BFFs too! J ~xoxo~

Have a fantastic week dearest friends!

Lovingly yours,