Thursday, September 1, 2011

Its September! Are you Manifesting your Best Ever Results yet!

It is September 1, 2011 (yeeeeaaahhhh. . . .:-), Happy New Month guys!!!! I must confess that I am both excited and nervous at the same time! 2011 is determined to race to the finish line as fast as it can, isn't it? September, however, is a stellar month! This month marks for me, the beginning of taking stock of my whole year’s set goals and aspirations and also ushers in the MBER months! Months for Manifesting Your Best Ever Results; based on the goals and aspirations I set at the beginning of the year.

It’s time to get honest with ourselves. . . Can we confidently say that we have begun to Manifest our Best Ever Results as of today, September 1, 2011? Have we reached our set goals/aspirations that we were so enthusiastically committed to at the beginning of the year? Are we still very far from the manifestation phase of those goals or are we closer than ever to manifesting our best ever results? Did you embark on a weight loss goal at the beginning of the year? How are you doing with that..:-)? Did you promise to work on being a more loving, kinder and understanding version of yourself at the beginning of the year? How did you do? Did you promise to step up in your relationship and become better at understanding your partner? How did you do? Are you able to check off some goals on your list? Are you able to check of NO goals on your list?  Honesty guys, please. . . :-)

Do you recall the enthusiastic spirit with which you welcomed the year 2011 and the goals  or resolutions that you promised yourself you would achieve before the end of the year. If you have not started manifesting those either because you still have not taken that Critical First Step (CFS); or because you did take the CFS but are yet to take those series of Important Next Steps (INS) towards manifesting those goals; today is the day to start! Recreate that enthusiastic spirit and make it happen! It is your dreams; your goals, your aspirations and so you know what the critical first steps and important next steps entail!  Do not give up! We still have about 120 days and approximately, about 2,880 hours to Manifest those Best Ever Results that we desire! Start NOW!

If you happen to be welcoming this brand new month of Manifesting your Best Ever Results with one or two goals that you already manifested; kudos to a job well done because it does take a lot of commitment, hard work, dedication and resilience to be able to Manifest those results! You deserve to give yourself a special treat for that. . .:-) If you are like me with some goals that you were able to check off and some goals that still have a few loose strings to tie before they manifest, then follow these quick tips:
  1. Enthusiastically follow through with that Critical First Step (CFS) NOW; not tomorrow! If you have already started but need some other important steps in order to manifest those goals, Follow through with those Important Next Steps (INS) NOW, as in TODAY, not tomorrow.
  2. Never worry that you do not have everything it takes to manifest those goals. We are all endowed with just enough to start anything whatsoever! Start with what you have from a place of FAITH; the missing parts of the puzzle will appear one link at a time. Its manifestation is exclusively tied 100% to your FAITH;
  3. Try to give it 100% any time that you work at it! Not only are you building a strong and dogged character, but hard work would always pay given that action and reaction usually tend to be equal and opposite – Newton’s 2nd law of motion; and finally,
  4. Never believe people who tell you that it cannot be done because their reality and truth is theirs and not yours, it is only their opinion; your own reality and your own truth is what counts! It is entirely up to you! What you believe becomes your truth and your reality and will manifest in your life! You call the shots!. In the alternative, AVOID, AVOID, and AVOID such people if you can. . .:-)

I wish you a most stellar month of September! – the beginning of the months for taking stock and Manifesting your Best Ever Results! Let us work together on checking off a few more items on our to do list. J

Lovingly yours,