Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are you Ready for the ultimate Detox program?

We all have, at one point or another in our lives tried either to lose weight or to detoxify our bodies for whatever reason (mostly weight loss or health related reasons) and we are often compelled to do these because we know that it is the best things for our bodies at that point and essentially the gateway to great health. Right? As we embark on these detox or weight loss programs, we are sometimes met with successes but for some weird reason, most people fail at their weight loss or detox programs. Little do they know that the first real step towards any kind of success not only in weight loss but in virtually every aspect of our lives is to first embark on a mental detoxification. A mental detox rids virtually every obstacle that threatens our success in almost every endeavor. What do I mean by this? A mind that is plagued with toxins like fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, spite, anger, revenge, etc . is in no shape to embark on any real positive and successful endeavor. If success is met at all, it is often times quite fleeting!

When you start the exercise on mental detoxification, you almost take an unspoken oath to become conscious and more self- aware.  You become conscious of the weaknesses that you have. It is only when you acknowledge those weaknesses that presents itself in the form toxins that inhabit our minds and eat deep into our subconscious minds that we are better able to start the exercise in exterminating these toxins from our system – mental detoxification.

A mind that is free of toxic emotions is never easily distracted as it is usually very focused on an ultimate prize. A mind that is free of toxins never has time to indulge in idle talks. A mind that is free of toxins usually has the “I can” attitude because he understands that fear is only a figment of our mind that grows only if it is nurtured. A mind that is free of toxins will never suffer heart burns and sleepless nights when he sees others succeed but would rather try to find out from them, what they did to get  to where they are at. A mind that is free of toxins will actively seek out similar minds who would enrich his life and literally flee from toxic people. A mind that is free of toxins understands that failure is a disguised version of success and represents one or more of a series of bridges that leads one to their ultimate destination.

For me personally, I think a mental detoxification is a “must” for every human being who truly desires success and happiness. It almost certainly guarantees peace, happiness, a sense of freedom, good health, confidence and success. It does however demand a lot of effort on our part in order to stay the course given that human nature can certainly challenge your exercise. Friends might prove false, failures would rear its ugly head up occasionally, money might prove difficult to come by initially or you might be that lone voice challenging a toxic status quo entrenched in a system and it is proving unbearable for you! 

Listen,.  .  .; it is far better to stay the course and continue your mental detoxification in other to arrive at that great place (peace of mind, success, happiness) than to succumb to the pressure and return to the toxic mental state that almost always guarantees failure and a gloomy and miserable existence.  I know that most of us ultimately desire to be happy!
Can we all try to start the mental detox program now, . . .; like today. . .? I would love us to trade our stories of success . . .:-) I already have so much to tell. . .:-) Would you start with me? :-) I bet you will!!! NO,. . ;(i'll phrase it better) I know you will :-)

Lovingly yours,