Friday, February 17, 2012

Inner Peace. . .Got it?

Ever wondered how one can achieve inner peace?

Personally, I have realized that looking inwards and deeply into ourselves and concentrating on fixing our own flaws and not necessarily the flaws of others is a great route to achieving inner peace. Most people unduly fixate in righting what they perceive as the faults of others and lose out on fixing their own flaws. Each time we see ourselves condemning, criticizing, and coercing others to behave more like we would expect them to; we would almost never attain that state of peace of mind because we are constantly looking outwards of ourselves instead of inwards. Looking inwards makes us shine our heart-lights brighter than ever! Imagine how our world will be illuminated when everyone is shining their heart-lights as bright as they possibly can?

When we unduly compare ourselves to others and forget that the competition is not with any other person but with our selves, then we are getting closer to that path of our own peace of mind. The challenge for each and every one of us is to evolve into our best selves possible and not to become more like another person. We have been endowed with amazing will power (untapped in most people) to evolve and become better than we were last month, year, or even yesterday. The competition is with your past self versus your present self. How have you been doing? If you can honestly answer that version of today is far better than your version of yesterday, then you are a step closer to attaining inner peace. That realization and vindication makes you happy and content that you are definitely on the right path.

Finally, honesty, love, and truth may seem boring and inconvenient at times, but it is still the higher route despite what people would say or think of you. The more your actions are infused with those qualities, the closer you are to attaining inner peace given that you are not worrying about people whom you’ve harmed or hurt coming to get you. . .:-)

Kindly share more of your own tips to attaining inner peace.

Lovingly yours,


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