Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Are You? . . .Driver, Passenger, or Pedestrian

Everyone of us is the Driver behind our individual Destinies. We can successfully navigate our individual steering wheels towards our intended Destinations -  Destination Ambition, Destination Aspiration or Destination Goals. Being behind that steering wheel can lead us ultimately to three paths - one of greatness; one of mediocrity; or one of  total failure! Your current situation is a wake-up call for you to either remain in your current role or switch roles. 

Being a good Driver signals an enormous amount of responsibility. The rules of the road require that you be cautious, courteous, and observe the Golden Rule at all times  as you navigate to your desired Destination. Any misapplication or non-application of these rules of the road will result in failure or fleeting success in ones' life. There are all sorts of Drivers on the road; annoying, impatient, frustrating, crazy and of course, good Drivers. Do not be distracted by them until you reach your desired Destination!

It is pertinent to note that not everyone is capable of being a good Driver due to their peculiar circumstance. Such people still have the power to make the choice of whom to ride with. (Good versus Bad Drivers). There are however, people who remain Passengers for fear of failure or simply due to what people might think or say about them. Such Passengers leave their Destinations up to Drivers who may not be good Drivers . . . the effect? . . . an inability to get to ones' desired Destination, constant failures and if success is met at all, they are usually fleeting in nature!

There are others whom I refer to as "Pedestrians/Passengers by Necessity". Kids and teenagers are Pedestrians and Passengers by necessity because they need to ride at all times with a Driver. 

There are people who are neither Good Drivers, Good Passengers, or Good Pedestrians. They refuse to learn how to be Good Drivers and still insist on driving . . . driving to unknown Destinations.  Believe it or not, these Bad Drivers often times, have Passengers who are amazingly enjoying the ride. Some people may refuse to be Good Drivers due to a failure to grow up (yes there are people like that). For such people, being a Passenger or a Pedestrian feels safer.

"The moment you realize that YOU and only YOU are behind the steering wheels of  your Destiny is truly the moment you start living your Dream. Accelerate as purposeful and as cautious towards your Destination as you possibly can. Be mindful of other Drivers, Passengers, and Pedestrians on the road by applying the Golden Rule; soon, very soon, you will reach your ultimate Destination"

Which of these scenarios define your present situation? 


  1. I totally agree that one has to control his or her destiny!! I believe life gives all the choice. One can satisfy his or her choice with mediocrity if he or she wishes. One can decide to be common, ordinary, dull, and colorless; or one can channel his or her life so that it will be clean, vibrant, progressive, useful, colorful, and rich.

  2. You know for people to achieve great things, they must not only act, but also dream big; not just make plan, but must believe totally in whatever plan they are making.
    The best way to predict the future is to create the future. To achieve good health or wealth, expect a positive outcome and work hard to achieve it. Our mental attitude and beliefs about our control over future life events are important success factors. Bottom line, the only way our dreams can come true is if we have the courage to pursue them without fear!!