Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mental Attitude Does Determine the Direction of Ones' Life

Humans are innately feeling beings. We express and feel emotions deeply and then act out those feelings albeit unconsciously. We feel the whole spectrum of emotions like happiness, sadness, euphoria, depression, joy, jealousy, envy, LOVE, anger, etc. 

It is a universal truth that when we feel happy, we act happy, and people around us also feel better (they may not be as happy as we are but they somewhat feel better). On the other hand, when we feel the opposite emotion of sadness, we act sad, and people around us feel down. The consequence of these feelings and actions are that we infect people around us with those, and they in turn give us back what we give to them. Life in turn channels our way, events and circumstances that form our predominant emotions. We unconsciously chart our course in life as a consequence of our mental attitude!

We want to experience LOVE and JOY and BLISS and ENTHUSIASM and yet we whine, and criticize, and hate, and attack the same people we expect to give us all these positive emotions. The end result is that they dish out to us, exactly what we dish out to them. Newton put it so succinctly in one of his law . . . 3rd law of gravity when he said; "Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite!

You can't expect to be euphoric when you don't give out euphoria; you dont expect successes when you don't give out pure joy at another's success; you don't expect to receive love when you don't give love; you don't expect your children to excel and succeed when you don't feel actual joy and cheer when other peoples' kids succeed; you can't expect to be financially independent and free when you don't give out your money no matter how little you think you have to another who is in a worse off situation; you can't expect joyous things to happen to you when you cannot even feel genuine  joy when others experience joyous situations!

I have made a conscious effort in my life and on a daily basis to smile much more than I frown not just because it is easier to do, but because my vain self believes that it makes me prettier :-); and that it also makes my interactions with people easier, and that it almost always results in positive outcome. people generally get instant boost to their happiness when we look into their eyes and greet them with a genuine smile on our faces. My kids are happier when mommy is happy. I choose only happy people around me because every interaction i have with them, builds me up! I always gauge my mental state after i hang with a new person on probably more than one occasion as a signal of whether the person is good or bad for me. There are people who will always leave you feeling beat-down, and sad, constantly criticizing other people. They generally leave you with an overall sense of  . .  . mental exhaustion . . . you know that they cannot be good for you.

There are however, people who leave you in such a joyous, blissful and euphoric state! they encourage you, build you up, and are constantly exuding positive energy. You know you want to be around them and you need them in your life. Those people are keepers! You may not initially like them because you are probably at a different mental place and you might feel envious and jealous, but you know that they are good for you. We have all met people like these in our lives . . . We love them secretly and hate them just a little teeny bit too:-) Changing our mental attitude means embracing these later group and making them an integral part of our life.

In a nutshell, my point is that we must live each day constantly alert of what emotions that we are feeling; cognizant of the fact that we unconsciously project those emotions in our actions and ultimately attract a similar experience and  circumstance to our lives . . .  Let us all vow to feel more love, so that we can give more love and attract more lovely situations to our lives!

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