Monday, January 31, 2011

You are on the clock, . . . GO!!!

It is January 31st of a brand new month, of the year 2011; which by the way marks the beginning of yet another brand new decade in our lives! Believe it or not, the year is just about starting the race to the finish line yet again. Yep!  For me, there is still ample time to turn this year to a successful, pivotal and remarkable year for us all individually. We still have ample time and opportunity to soar beyond our wildest expectations towards our dream spouse, dream home, career, etc. It does however, require that every second of our day be used productively to the best of our abilities!

I have said a lot of time in my prior articles that one of the wisest words ever written  is what is known as Newton’s third law of motion; “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Ever wondered that we are blessed with the luxury of 24 hours in every single day and yet, we never seem to accomplish what we set out to do, ever! Ever wondered why two seemingly similarly situated individuals could go through life with staggeringly different levels of success. One going on to achieve huge success and the other only barely managing to get by on a daily basis?

Take a minute of your day to observe how the clock constantly ticks from seconds, to minutes, to hours. These hours turn into days, months, years, decades. It just does not stop for anyone. It therefore becomes imperative that every single minute counts and must be utilized effectively or else, another decade will roll around yet again, and we are still in the same place, probably whining about how difficult life is. We are all equally given the luxury of the 24 hour days and individually make choices of how we spend these hours.  We must undertake to utilize these minutes effectively by taking positive and affirmative steps and actions towards meeting our set goals, objectives and aspirations. Constantly ask yourself during the course of the day whether you are being productive, destructive or dormant with your actions in trying to navigate towards your set goals.

 We also have a choice to do absolutely nothing, may be seat on our butts and complain and watch others manifest their goals and dreams. For such people, going by Newton’s law; there will be a zero net effect on their current individual situations in the coming months and years. There are others who have tried the same thing (destructive or dormant actions) over and over and over again with the same net results – failure?  If you are one of these people, you must know that It is time to try something different.

On a closing note, and in the spirit of having an honest conversation, ask yourself this - When was the last time that you did something that made you really proud of yourself, and gave you this huge sense of accomplishment and probably also put you on a natural high? Really!  Be honest. It may have come from doing something that you really loved; or achieving a set goal or it may have been that you stepped out of your comfort zone and still gave a stellar performance, or something as simple as what I did over the weekend which was cleaning out the kids' play room that turned into a hot mess since after ChristmasJ. It made me feel really proud as it was a chore that I had dreaded for weeks.

If it has been a while since you did a thing like that, your goal after today must be to re-create that moment again by stepping up and out of your comfort zone. Try recreating something similar to that action you undertook that led you to that great moment! That is clearly the path that leads to greatness! It is usually a priceless moment; the kind of moment that Whitney Houston called, “A moment in time” in her song, “One moment in time”.  If it has been a while since you had that “moment” start today!

Now, step out and walk confidently towards that Dream. There is a caveat - you must put in productive seconds, minutes, and hours during the day before the Goal/Dream takes flight. You are on the clock and it is ticking. . .  

Now, GO!!!!


  1. Excellent article babe!! I love your summation where you stated that “We must undertake to utilize these minutes effectively by taking positive and affirmative steps and actions towards meeting our set goals, objectives and aspirations”. You are right on the money there!!!!!
    I truly believe that goals that get reached are those that are firm, well-defined, and to which the individual is truly and completely committed. Without that commitment, it will be hard to reach our set goals!!! To reach a goal you must you must do the following:
    (1) Ask yourself why you want to achieve that particular goal.
    (2) What will that do for you? (3) Why is it important? (4) What will your life be like when you have reached it? (5) How will achieving your goal change things for you?
    With commitment and addressing the above questions!! We can easily reach our set goals!! Awesome write up babe!! I truly enjoyed reading it!!!

  2. Good Job Ogor, I really felt like you were talking to me. I procastinate a lot, and you know what, you just inspired me. I must accomplish thath which I have set up to do this year. Thanks Ogor, this is quite an inspiration

  3. You are most welcome Afy! Glad to hear it inspired you. We are all guilty of the procrastination bug! Our goal this year is to kick it for good! Always remember you are on the clock! Go get'em!

  4. An astounding piece Ogo! i must commend u for this motivational write up.One must definitely make a u turn in life after going thru it. how is everyone?

  5. It is totally my pleasure, Omali! The goal is to inspire and send some inspiration to another person out there. That way, their lives are enriched.

  6. On a parallel thought; when the chidren try my patience by dragging time, I used to hurry them up by helping them and telling them (in one breath)how they have to hurry because mummy has to be on time. I realised I was taking away there joy of achieving on their OWN, doing things in their OWN TIME and thinking "yeah I did it". What I did: start up on time, instead of whining about my on time, we agreed on using the timer(a common ground) and I bet you there was quite a change. The one dynamic thing was to keep changing how we achieved our been on time, we still falter on occassions, but we rise and do better the next time.

  7. Azor, that was some really insightful contribution. Every parent that I know is guilty of that! (including "yours lovingly").

    You should see and hear me in the morning trying to get me and four kids including a toddler ready. I am screaming, "OMG . . . OMG. . . guys, we are so late, mom is gonna be in trouble with the Judge". LOL!!

    But as we all know, Azor, we the adults have the sole responsibility to effectively manage our time like the article was trying to convey! I love when you stated that, "we are taking away their joy of achieving on their OWN . . " Really powerful!!!

    In other words, we are essentially making them pay the price of our sloppiness. If we all get up an hour earlier than we have been doing,(meaning getting to bed earlier than usual)I bet we would have achieved the ultimate goal of this whole discourse.

    Thank Azor, for this great pointer!

  8. Ogor, good, good, good article! You're such an inspiration. Your family and friends are very blessed to have you. More grease........!

  9. @Arit! Thank you very much! You are an inspiration too! Thank you especially for taking time to read and always commend:-)